This chick is 31 years old even if she looks 10 years younger!

You know what is funny? I was at all guys dinner three nights ago where we were all colleagues and talking about business and my business is porn and therefore I pulled out my phone and I showed this very photograph that you can see right here below, this is Famous Pornstar Sophie Dee. Anyhow, I asked each and every one of the people at our table how old they thought this girl was, they started saying 19 or 21, I think the one that said the oldest age was Brian and he said 25. Well she is 31 and she’s going on 32 years of age, she can be classified as a MILF, with the looks of a teen, with the body and the boobs rock hard like bricks and incredibly gorgeous facial features. Some would say that it is almost a shame that she is a porn star LOL.

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Body Details:
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Measurements: 34D-26-36
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Personal Details:
Age: 31 years OLD
Date of Birth: January 17, 1984
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Llanelli, South Wales
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Welsh

Additional info:
Tattoos: Above Bush
Piercings: Tongue, Navel
Aliases: Sophie D, Sophie, Mary Beth, Kirsty
Started in 2005 at approx 21 years old

However I never believe in that kind of thing, because if she was not a pornstar then we would never see her having sex, we would never get to see her having sex live on or on any of the live porn videos websites, or the network that actually has the exclusive of her and hundreds of other Amos adult models when it comes down to having sex live via WebCam.

What is Sophie up to these days

Well what I can tell you there is a great combination going down and that would be: Sphie Dee Live Porn, she is very busy doing her own productions on her own website, she’s always on social media, especially on twitter, she is at every single adult entertainment convention, signing autographs for her fans and giving interviews to people like me and many others that work in this business, but most of all like I have said she is very present at this time in the live porn industry and considering that there is only one live pornstar network she concentrated in being very busy in one spot.

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I just checked out her last photo shoot out that can be found on one of the networks Live Porn Videos websites, as you can see in the bold text is the link all you have to do is click on it and you’ll get access to that specific website with a new photographs of Sophie are. However visit her official website to get all the news on how he’s taking care of business these days, and while you are there be sure to check out all the dates of her live shows and of course her appearances in public that happen to be by the way many in the months to come.

Sophie Dee Is Her Sluttiest Yet

What won’t plump pornstar, Sophie Dee, do to satisfy your love of filthy sex? We can’t think of anything, especially after checking out her amazing Brazzers scenes! Holy shit, she really brings it! The voluptuous goddess gets crazy in energetic threesomes, she wears stockings and squirts, sucks massive porn stud cock, gets her big round butt plowed in explicit anal, she has blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, the list just keeps going on. Gallery after gallery and video after video shows you exactly how raunchy the Welsh sex addict is capable of getting.

Tons of Explicit XXX Sophie Dee Sex is Waiting For You Inside Brazzers!!!

A whole lot of Sophie on

That is correct a whole lot, since this mega-events of Pornstars On Webcam started not too long ago my wishes were that she would start doing her thing along with all and the many porn stars that are already doing it on a network called Cherry Pimps. Well a couple months ago my dream came true and she actually joined the team of hundreds of famous adult models and started doing live porn, I was fortunate to see her first show and I was absolutely astonished to see how she handled the situation, she was even better live than she is when she makes classic porn videos that you see on the tubes and on paysites. I was simply astonished and I fell in love with her even more than I was in love with her before. She is so good that it is a shame that she is a pornstar LOL. This is the kind of girl I would take home and keep all for myself, and show off all my friends 😉


On the other hand I’m glad that she is an adult model, because otherwise I would never have gotten to see her doing Live Porn and that is something that she is extremely good at I’m sure who has already seen her in her live shows can back me up on this and totally agree when I say that she is among the top 10 most favorite porn stars of all times. And I say that without exaggeration, I say that not because I’m posting on her blog, I say that because I truly mean it, I say that because I have seen her in action in three different live performances, and not once has she disappointed, she has been simply exhilarating.

By the way, I got the news that they had just come out with their own on Facebook page, and the guys over the network asked me to post about it and let you all know, and if you’d like to pass by in become a fan of the page then that is great, from the millions that watched the live porn let’s try and get as many that watch a new pornstar photograph and description posted every 24 hours.

Sophie Dee Gets Anal From a Customer

Bright eyed Welsh brunette, Sophie Dee, provides spectacular customer service to a man shopping for a gift for his wife. When she notices Keiran eying some perfume and creams, she decides to have him eye her full figure instead. She prances around in her little black dress and high heels and soon has him seduced. She sucks his stiff cock and then rides it wet until he bends her over and fucks that big beautiful ass – Brazzers style! He can’t regret cheating when indulging feels so good.


Whats new on now that Sophie is a star over there?

Well what we can say is that they have definitely improve their quality by hiring one on the most famous and most of all capable Pornstars. When I say capable I intend that she is good at what she does, that she is totally in control when there is a cock and a camera involved an even better when there is an infinite line that is active and several WebCams that are on and are shooting what is happening in that room. If you thought that she was good making porn videos you should see her when it comes down to live porn movies, when there are no cuts, where improvising and being spontaneous is the main attraction, and that is something that she is absolutely great at and I can say that personally myself, because up to date she has done for shows for this network that we are talking about and I thoroughly enjoyed all for shows, she was totally capable of what she was doing and I had a Boner from the start to the end.


Please don’t take me wrong it’s not just Pornstar Sophie Dee that makes an amazing website, an amazing concept, and most probably the best bookmark on my computer up to date, and has been the best bookmark on my computer it’s a very long time.

I have been reviewing porn paysites WebCam networks, but never have I reviewed a Pornstars Live Shows website, well not in the least until I met the guys over at cherrypicked.comand they opened a brand-new door into a field of sex, close to 1000 professional adult models in rotation have sex on this website and restricted to doing it in real time they do it live it is live porn brand-new concept in something that is going around the world at a fast speed, faster than the Internet itself.

Sophie Dee sex, cams and you name it she’s doing it…

She is very busy that’s for sure, you name it she’s doing, I’m one of the things that she’s doing and doing extremely well simply because her followers are in the hundreds of thousands is when she shows up and does a show on that Live Pornstars network, and in particular one of the networks websites called

Since I announced this about a month and a half ago things have got real crazy over there, from something like 200,000 members they have grown to numbers in the millions, and that means that every live sex show there is over 250,000 to 1,000,000 viewers every time, this of course depending on the time zone and what time the porn stars go on life but however the numbers are absolutely insane and the only way they’re going to go is up as this is a little bit more than just a trend this is the new way to watch porn today.

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When I checked it out and was asked also to review it I really never thought that much on it until I got to see my first Live Porn show, and from there I changed completely my opinion on the concept itself. Watching porn line is totally a different situation it’s a little hard to explain in words and that’s why you should check it out for yourself.

Remember that you can sign up for free and check it out, they give you the possibility to watch a few shows and of course to snoop around and check the archives full of the past shows on video and the millions of exclusive photographs that are added every single day just to make those archives bigger and bigger, so if you looking for some quality Pornstar shows you now know exactly where to go and find them.

Sophie Dee Gets Wild Masturbating on Live Webcam

How about Pornstar Sophie Dee getting down and getting filthy, many of you would say that there is absolutely nothing new to that, she was born filthy and she has been doing porn for the past five years, she’s been doing it so much and so well that she is among the top 20 most favorite porn stars worldwide, so what if I told you that now she is doing porn that is live, that’s right, she is doing porn not in front of a camera but in front a series of WebCams that broadcast her while she is getting fucked and it is then peered, but is still we can say streamed over the Internet, for many hundreds of thousands of members of certain websites to watch and enjoy.

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What would you say to that? I mean it’s not only super Pornstar Sophie Dee that’s doing this, she’s not the only one destroying her pussy with huge dildos or getting banged by massive cocks, she is one of the many, one off the close to 500 world famous porn stars that are in on this deal and that are doing wild life sex over the incident.

So what’s the difference? Between what we’ve seen so far and this? Well I can tell you with certainty that it is predictable you are going to see a great show, while first when you did not know who the girl that is going to get fucked was now you do because they are famous porn stars and therefore you already know who they are and how they have sex and therefore watching live Pornstars it’s actually a guarantee, it’s not like a box of chocolates LOL. Let’s leave it at that and if you want I’ll leave you to it to go check it out for yourself, enjoy!

Sophie Dee Tag Teams Cock

Sophie Dee is our kind of slut… You know, the kind that never says no… When her girlfriend asked Sophie Dee to join her and her boyfriend in the bedroom, Sophie Dee was fully on board. She loves tag teaming cock – mostly because she’s a tag teaming whore! Sophie Dee can suck cock with the best of them!

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And when it comes to the rewards Sophie Dee isn’t afraid to share either – she loves eating jizz but isn’t afraid to share it!

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Sophie Dee Bent Over Titties Out

Sophie Dee might be a pornstar and have huge boobs and might never ever say no, but at the end of the day she is just like all of the other chicks in the world – and they all like it doggie style. She wants to feel that cock deep inside of her pussy pushing up against her… Deep inside of her!

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Sophie Dee is already in the correct position… And she’s ready to take it from behind!

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